For the visually impaired and near ones

Get to know our services and the support you're entitled to. You can read more about our activities from our Finnish site.
Musta labradorinnoutaja-opaskoira makoilee maassa penkin alla, omistaja rapsuttelee sitä päästä. Etualalla toiset jalat ja valkoinen keppi.
Social security and benefits

Do you need guidance about social security services and income? Contact us!

Youth work

We offer activities for the young. Welcome aboard!

Rehabilitation services (video)- External link

We are a specialist of rehabilitation from children to seniors with visual impairments.

Access to information (video)- External link

We provide IT training and guidance, lend technical aids and production of braille, large-print and audio materials and publish and distribute newspapers and magazines.

Read more in Finnish- External link

There is a lot more information on our Finnish website.