We offer services to both the blind and partially sighted and their families as well as to the general public. If you are a blind or a partially sighted person you can become a member of one of our regional or nationwide interest organisations.
Nuori nainen hymyilee puhelin korvalla.
Services for all

We offer many kinds of services for private persons, companies and communities. Book accommodation or room for your meetings, get to know the history of visual impairments, enjoy a Dialogue in the Dark or order audiobooks.

For members

As a member you'll get Airut magazine. Get to know our 23 member associations and come along in activities and events!

Hei Kelan työntekijä, sosiaalityöntekijä, lääkäri tai sairaalan kuntoutusohjaaja! Täältä löydät paljon tietoa työsi tueksi.