Open for All

Book accommodation or meeting room, visit our museum or enjoy coffee in a dark room. Read more about our services from our Finnish site.
Three young adults are sitting on a couch, one with a white cane and other with a braille.
Iiris Centre- External link

Iiris offers accessible accommodation and meeting facilities, to name a few of our services.

Museum of Visual Impairment

Artefacts and other material associated with the history and culture of blind people in Finland.

Taktiili printing house- External link

Our printing house produces business cards or, for example, a company brochure in Braille. We also make signposts and raised signs for buildings. The site is in Finnish.

Dramafoni recording studio- External link

Our recording studio offers audiobook production. We select suitable readers and deliver the ready-made material. The site is in Finnish.

Aviris – store for vision aids- External link

Aviris is a specialty store for vision aids. When vision deteriorates, Aviris provides solutions. Check out the selection on Aviris' own website (in Finnish).