Open for All

Book accommodation or meeting room, visit our museum or enjoy coffee in a dark room. Read more about our services from our Finnish site.
Kolme nuorta aikuista istuu sohvalla, yhdellä kädessä valkoinen keppi ja toisella pistekirjoituslehti.
Iiris Centre

Iiris offers accessible accommodation and meeting facilities, to name a few of our services.

Museum of Visual Impairment

Artefacts and other material associated with the history and culture of blind people in Finland.

Taktiili printing house- External link

Our printing house produces business cards or, for example, a company brochure in Braille. We also make signposts and raised signs for buildings. The site is in Finnish.

Dramafoni recording studio- External link

Our recording studio offers audiobook production. We select suitable readers and deliver the ready-made material. The site is in Finnish.

Aviris – store for vision aids- External link

Aviris is a specialty store for vision aids. When vision deteriorates, Aviris provides solutions. Check out the selection on Aviris' own website (in Finnish).